Meet Millie, a very unpredictable mouse
Whose magical smile will light up your house!
Your kids will love Millie and so will you!
Freddi French wrote Millie the
Mouth as a homage to Dr. Seuss.  


It's written for children
ages 3 to 8.

Hardcover: 64 pages
53 illustrations
ISBN: 9780986706615
eBook ISBN: 9780986706646
                           COMMENTS BY SOME PTPA TESTERS
"Really enjoyed the book and my daughter has read it several times and has even taken
the time to read it to her brother which means she really loved it! Good value, nice
illustrations so I would definitely recommend it."

"This book has a wonderful story that will keep children entertained and asking for it to
be read again and again (and again!). The illustrations are eye catching and a great
addition to the book."

"Millie the Mouth was a quirky and fun book to read with my daughter. She enjoyed the
pictures and learning how big and strong Millie got after she ate! I use this as an example
to her that when she eats well, she grows bigger and stronger. :) I would recommend this
story book for kids over the age of 4. Great read!"
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